Prime Mushy Worm 3,5 cm

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35 mm / floating / extra soft / strong scent / 12 pcs in pack

The big brother of Linked Worms. It is a fat 35 mm worm. The material is super soft, and it can handle just few fish. After that the bait is almost unusable . This was a compromise we had to do, the softness makes the bait more fragile but it also comes with great benefits. From the moment of the attack, the fish will NOT let go this bait because of that softness, it will swallow it. If you are familiar with competitions there are 4 legs each day. Starting with leg 3 and 4, most fish were already injured, hooked, caught. They already seen all baits and spinners and voblers near them and they will ignore them. Those 2 legs are the hardest and each fish caught counts big and here is where the fat mushy worm has proven to be exceptional.

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