Molix SB 117

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Molix SB117 is a very special lure Molix has prepared to fish for large predators, especially in those situations where it is essential to reach great distances, as often happens in the presence of pelagic on feeding frenzies. This lure is designed to perform a sinuous yet not too accentuated or nervous swimming, like that of a dazed forage fish that wanders inside the school or dares to comes out, exposing itself to the jaws of the predators. It is an action that Tunas and other similar species approve, accompanied by an swinging in the fall capable of triggering the strike even during the breaks of the retrieve. The micro bib orchestrate the performance either with a linear motion or under the pressure of vigorous jerks, widening the snaking action and producing irregular skids. The bait obviously includes thru wire skeleton and the sturdy and reinforced body consents to endless casts with no loss of stability, allowing to safely cope with the greatest predators of the sea, such as Bluefin Tunas.

Length: 11,7 cm (4.5/8 in)
Weight: 42 g (1.1/2 oz)

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