Bait Breath

The Company, Bait Breath, was established in 1997 specifically for the design, manufacture and sale of specialist fishing gear and are based in Toda City, Saitama, Japan.

Bait Breath’s experience and skills in the manufacture of plastic baits enable them to take into account the environmental impact as well as the ideal texture in every item and add flavours concocted from natural ingredients for each individual type of bait. Each bait is individually designed using state of the art technology and using a unique moulding process, high quality output is balanced with keeping production costs as low as possible providing excellent value.

The main difference between Bait Breath silicone baits is that they are well preserved, do not lose their properties even during long-term storage, the smell does not disappear from them, like other manufacturers. The reason for this is that the formula for the manufacturing of baits includes 18 ingredients and attractants, most of them are natural, so you can see the Eco badge in the form of a fish on the package.