Intech (Innovative Tackle Technology) is the brand that was created by proffesional anglers, it became an aspiration to use high quality products. Because the lack of qualitative production in the budgetary price range, our team decided to present the world their own brand to make it possible to  everyone to catch the fish with the qualitative fishiing tackle. The Intech company conducts effective cooperation with global manufacturers.  Such relations together with long term experience of anglers experts, helped to present at the European market the goods which take the leading positions in the ratio price/quality. All new goods of the brand are tested by proffesional anglers  in the most severe conditions, and only after succesfully passed tests, new goods are put on the market. Thanks to such control of quality, we can surely say that Intech is the choice of those who want to catch fish with qualitative tackles and at the same time not overpaying for a big name.

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