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EGI-OH SEARCH has highest appeal model in EGI-OH series,focusing on two factors Flashing Light and Rattle Sound.Yamashita new technology Strobe Fin make rolling action and strong flashing,side flat body can cause strong flashing when the body is rolling

With a lifespan of only one year, bigfin reef squid has a remarkable body growth. The main food that supports their growth is “fish,” the flashes and reflections emitted by their scales and body surface are important signals for the bigfin reef squid to know their presence. The “strobe fin” located on the back of the squid jig generates a strong “rolling action” by receiving water resistance during the action. This rolling action creates a powerful flashing effect (reflected light) from the sides of the squid jig’s body, which strongly appeals to the eyesight of the squid. It’s possible to efficiently target active bigfin reef squid.

With a lifespan of only one year, the bigfin reef squid has a remarkable body growth. When a bigfin reef squid sees the squid jigs, the enormous amount of seawater in front of its eyes acts as a filter, and its visibility is thought to depend on the color of the seawater, or tide color. Nowadays, “U.V.ray reflection” squid jigs are indispensable for prime time and daytime eging. “Neon Bright” has dramatically improved its reflection efficiency and offers a lineup of reflection colors (reflection wavelengths) that correspond to the three primary colors of light. Clear and blue water color in midsummer and winter, muddy and green water color in spring and autumn, red sky influenced water color in the morning and evening, etc…. By matching the reflection color to the water color, the reflection appeals to the bigfin reef squid efficiently and improves the ability to respond to different situations when eging.

EGING pioneer YAMASHITA found out that squid recognize temperature variations in water.
As a result, YAMASHITA developed a unique thermo-storage cloth or “WARM JACKET”, weaved with a unique “TACTYWARM” thread that converts light into heat. This means YAMASHITA’s squid jigs react to light by absorbing and retaining heat underwater – just like “LIVE” bait.

The YAMASHITA “SEARCH” squid jigs feature a number of unique features but what sets this jig apart is the 600Hz rattle inside the body. YAMASHITA have discovered after much research with a leading Japanese University that squid can pick up sounds between 400Hz and 1,500Hz with 600Hz being the optimum level for squid to be most interested. “EGI-OH LIVE SEARCH”, “EGI-OH TR SEARCH”, “eginno PYONPYON SEARCH”, and “eginno MOGUMOGU SEARCH” are equipped with the best rattle sound for attracting squid. It is very appealing to high activity squid. Made with ball bearing material to produce the best audible sound. From other point of view, the rattle sound imitates the “Bite sound” made by squids. Finally YAMASHITA decided to use Steel ball bearings for the “SEARCH” jigs. It is easy to understand the different sounds different materials make with this test. YAMASHITA chose the best rattle ball and plastic material after much testing. Steel balls and bone color plastic proved to be the best combination for creating the most attractive sound for squid.

For many years squid anglers all over the world have used jigs equipped with glow material. Now, research shows the best wavelength of visible light for squid is 490nm. This is a tuned glow of 490nm which YAMASHITA discovered with the research from a leading Japanese university is the best glow color for the squids eyes to detect.
“Glow of 490nm wavelength is most perceivable for squid.”

Slightly faster sinking speed suitable for efficient searching.

It flashes intensely during rolling.