Major Craft Jigpara Micro Live 10 gr

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Micro is the new jig series from Jigpara for Super Light game. Fast, strong and with a quiet natural fall also with a “five layer multi-layer coating” that prevents peeling. This is the definitive the your 24h/Jig from the first throw of the day until the last one throw can be cast with 100% confidence. Hooking rates of outstanding outstanding hooking performance secret, it's a hook point. Entrapment with made in Japan original hook to the front and rear top priority. Immediately hang if you touch! This is a conclusion of the really MajorCraft shagging. Armed with one single assist hook on the front and one rear treble hook.

"Live Bait Color", a new painting technique applied to the Jigpara that has become a standard jig for shore jigging since its release, has appeared. While it has been evaluated on the net as "very catchable" and "easy to use", it has also received many ratings of "almost a bait". Then Major Craft painted the sardine, mackerel, horse mackerel and natural shad to make it live closer to the bait. Establish the strongest match-the-bait pattern in the almost baited “Jigpara Live Bait” ​​series.

UV Coated.


Front Hooks: Japanese Single Assist hook x 1 
Rear Hooks: Japanese Treble hook x 1