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● Size: 127 × 62 × 32 mm
● Weight: 77 g
● Material: Glass fiber-reinforced plastic
● With carabiner

Bass-catch style fish grip that holds the fish’s mouth without getting your hands dirty.
Compact design, perfect for taking pictures of the fish you catch!
The rounded tip of the teeth and the curved jaw shape allow the lure to catch fish without damaging their mouths.

With the Jaw Grip MC, you can directly grab large-mouth fish such as bass, sea bass, rockfish, and bluefish.

The hook part that rests in the fish’s mouth makes it difficult for the fish to dislodge the hook even if the fish gets out of control.

Rounded tip teeth and a curved jaw shape prevent damage to the fish’s mouth.

It prevents the fish from touching your hands.

Slit processing that prevents slipping even when wet.

● Use the product with caution, as there is a risk of lures and other needles sticking in your hands.
● Do not use the product on sharp-toothed fish, such as a moray eel or swordfish, or fish with poisonous hooks, such as stonefish or marine catfish, as they are dangerous.
● When grasping a fish, grip the tool with your thumb. If you do not apply force, the fish may come off.
● The product may not be used for small-mouthed fish.
● Sharp-toothed fish may damage the grip.