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● Overall length when stored: 115 mm
● Weight: 60 g
● Blade material: SUS420J2 blade thickness: 1.2 mm; blade length: 55 mm
A fishing knife for light games
An OLFA-made stainless steel blade. A cutter type carried conveniently by accommodating it in the slide storage.
Convenient for paralyzing or cutting rockfish and horse mackerel in light games.
Easy to be replaced with the optional replacement blade
Slide-retractable compact knife adopting a stainless steel blade (OLFA made)
Adopting high-strength, rust-free GFRP
* GFRP: Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic; a content rate of 55%
deal for cutting and paralyzing fish in light games.
Ease of replacing blades with worsened sharpness.
(Use exclusive blades for MC knife #55.)
The setting screw can be changed to the left- or right-hand side, whichever is better for use.
A replacement blade dedicated to MC knife #55.
● Blade material: SUS420J2 blade: thickness: 1.2 mm; blade length: 55 mm
● Quantity: Two sheets