Adusta A-Pen 90

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9 cm / 13 gr / topwater

A-Pen 90 contains various functions within its samll body. It is designed to walk with ease - it starts gliding across the water with the minimal rod action. A big rattling weight inserted into the rear part od the frame generates a vibrant crancking sound that lures in hungry predator fish.

The rattling weight also provides the benefit of astonishinngly long casts. The ability to cast precisely and from from a far makes this perfect bait for targeting fish from distance. The shape of the body is designed to provide maximum control and long distances so that the lure always hits its mark. The bait has enlarged eyes compared to a standard plug which allow it closer resemble various kinds of fry.

A pencil bait is very simple so the design is critical. A-Pen 90 is elaborately designed to provide high level performance from a seemingly basic design. The bullet shape and rounded triangle cross section body work together to achieve long casts and crisp action - all combined with a realistic shape, big sound, and a perfect bite marker. All of these features come together to provide a new level of thrill and excitement.