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7,5 cm / 8 gr / topwater

Following up the Sinking Pencil of the same name, Mustad’s Vertebrata Topwater takes to the surface with a strong build and effective presentation. With its inclined floating stance, this lure excels at diving, sliding, and walk-the-dog retrieval to grab attention. Bone-shaped ribs add strength and wide body spread the Vertebrata Topwater's center of gravity and minimize body rolling during walk-the-dog motion, calling in fish from far and deep. The Vertebrata Topwater's design elements attract fish from a distance, making it excellent for all ability levels and outright dangerous in the hands of a professional. Unique design, modern materials, and attention to detail are sure to entice a bite whether you’re fishing in freshwater or saltwater.

  • Angled floating posture for versatile action.
  • Built-in ribs for strength
  • Calls fish far away or deep
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater
  • Versatile for different fishing situations