Adusta Lancetic 11 cm

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11 cm - 3 gr - slow sinking - flavor&salt

Stick baits designed for sure success under tough situations. 
Lancetic is a specially designed stick bait that delivers in the toughest conditions and stingiest bodies of water. 
The flattened head shape reduces unnecessary floating tendencies during twitching or jerking without the need for additional sinkers or weights. It is made to suspend perfectly, while the V-shaped body promotes erratic action. The vertical rib structure allows for an automatic side-to-side action in the pin tail, driving even the most discerning fish to bite against their will. The unique combination of hyperbolic materials promotes casting ease. Our original high salt material provides a natural falling action. The exclusive attractant scent makes fish bite and hang on. 
Exclusive to ADUSTA, the “Real Eye” is a bite marker and serves as a guide for easy, precise rigging. The center slit along the dorsal helps prevent snagging.The realistic vibrations generated by the balance, shape, and material draws the attention of every carnivorous fish.