Bait Breath E.T. Shad 3,4'' (8,5 cm)

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E.T. = Egg Tail

ET Shad is a bomb fishing lure. Born to catch from bass to rock. The color lineup is abundant and supports all situations.
"Eggtail Shad", a shadtail produced by legend Masaru Nakamura.
The size of the body, the delicate movement of the tail from swimming to fall, and the shad tail of the whole body that is particular about the natural appeal that occurs when it collapses after landing. Developed to win the tournament!

The mystery of Masaru Nakamura's rock fish okappari: Texas rig
35g-42g sinker with # 1 and # 2 hooks for long-distance casting! Throw a long distance to the offshore root 100m or more and drop a heavy sinker.
The worm falls fluffy against it, and the target is "Tut!" For the particular fluffy movement.

Recommended rig: Texas Rig, Jig Head, Heavy Carolina Rig, Down shots, free rigs, trailers, etc.