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The Japanese really did get Berkley Gulp! right, molding it into various shapes and sizes for all manner of fish, from sandworms to straw tails, pulse worms to crabbies, there is literally a gulp product for every single LRF application!

Berkley Gulp! Isome Futomi is a Japanese worm imitation that looks, feels, and even smells just just like a maddie ragworm, this is the medium version which is between 3-4mm thick, it’s probably the most versatile of the LRF baits, being effective as a whole worm, in body sections, or using the narrower tapered end on micro hooks and tanago rigs to target the microscopic species that build your species list.

  • 4 inches long, use whole or in sections
  • Rechargeable, just pop it back in the pack
  • Gulp! Formula, tried and tested!

Isome style has (thin, thick and extra-thick) three new features
1. By adopting a new material, the body has become overwhelmingly softer than before, and the bite and suction have improved.
2. Not only has it become softer, but it also has a firmer feel and excellent needle retention.
3. Considering the environment, there is no need to cut off the top of the bag when opening the bag.