Dragon Aggressor Pro 8,5 cm

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8,5 cm - 3 gr

Dragon Aggressor Pro is a ripper with elongated, laterally flattened body, designed for fishing for zanders and perch, but is also liked by brown trout, chub and asp. Bigger sizes are also perfect for pike.

Aggressor Pro is produced from the newest silicon material with exceptional softness, which allows to achieve the most natural action. The connection of slim shape and deep cuts in the part between the body and tail fin gave incredible effects – the tail of the soft lure moves slightly even when we do not roll up the line and we do not jerk the rod. You just cannot find such a stillness in the water and hold the rod firmly to totally stabilize the tail of the Aggressor! What is going on during typical angler’s work? The fish bite practically in all conditions, as long as they are in the fishery. Flickering on the sides and fast deflection of the tail fin together with incredible colour range cause the fact that all the fish will treat this lure serious. Aggressor with colours similar to the colours of small fish looks so natural in the water that every perch, zander or pike has to bite it. Light or heavy jig head, the set without loading with offset hook – Aggressor cooperates with all of that.

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