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The Japanese fishing industry and pro anglers have taken the degree of specialization of Ultra-Light Fishing techniques to great lengths, in an effort to effectively target different species. If you are an Ajing, Mebaru, or Light Rock Fishing enthusiast, DUO has prepared the Tetra Works Starter Sets, which include a variety of lures, specializing in different Ultra Light fishing styles and Rockfish species.

The DUO Tetra Works Rockfish Starter Set comes in a durable Meiho, partitioned box and features a mixture of soft, silicone baits and Snip head jig heads.

The DUO SnipHead is a jig head developed with a completely original hook which has been hammered down in the middle of the shank. This serves numerous purposes such as: 1) Creates a flashing effect 2) The flat/wider section helps soft baits to remain on the hook 3) The specifically designed, inward facing, line-eye and the open gape helps anglers set hook with the least amount of effort.

The DUO Tetra Works Burny is a flat bodied, twin tail, silicone lure that creates a subtle vibration during retrieve. The Burny is a great allrounder, especially for fish that suck in their prey. During retrieve, the split tails come together, but they come apart when the retrieve is paused.

The three sided, long tailed Grapper silicone lure, will impress you with its swimming action and its ultra-thin tail will becomes the perfect snack for number of rock fish.

The DUO Movvy is an unbalanced, vibrating, of irregular motion soft lure, with a finessed vibration and tremble. Unlike other LRF lures, the Movvy can also prove to be effective, if rigged upside down as it gives a completely different presentation.

Made in JAPAN

Rockfish Set Include:

Meiho Lure Case SFC SS
Dimensions: 103 × 73 × 23 mm

Snip Head Jig Heads
S0.8gr x 1pc, S1.0gr x 1pc,
L0.8gr x 1pc, L2.0gr x 1pc

DUO Burny Soft Lures
Size: 4.2 cm, 6 pcs

DUO Grapper Soft Lures
Size: 4.5 cm, 4 pcs

DUO Movvy Soft Lures
Size: 5.0 cm, 4 pcs