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Intech Long Heel is one of the great examples from the collection at modern soft plastic baits scented with crawfish flavouring. Long Heel has relatively elongated paddle tail as well as precisely calibrated geometric characteristics and proportions of the bait's body. These features allows absolutely stable and confident using during the specified tension or during  the pauses followed by slow sinking. The bait has sufficiently jerky high amplitude and low frequency motions which are intended to excite mainly the active predatory fish. The imitation of unhurried motions and ability to mimic prey are aimed to make predator believe that the prey is helpless.

The main advantage of this soft bait is that it works prefectly with a wide range of weights. Long Heel doesn't stop vibrating while using it with light weights and is drifting on the predetermined depth with heavier weights. Intech Long Heel soft bait skillfully combines the best tradition and modern approach in the production of very effective live action soft baits.


Long Heel je silikonac koji kombinira najbolje karakteristike modernih varalica. Njegov izduženi shad rep izvrsno je kalibriran uz veličinu i oblik tijela. Radi široke amplitude uz sporu frekvenciju pokreta tako da u očima ribe izgleda poput bespomoćnog plijena. Long Heel se može uspješno koristiti na širokoj paleti otežanja od najmanjih do zbilja teških. Nadipan je u okus raka!