Intech Slim Shad 8 cm

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Intech Slim Shad is traditional designed soft bait which represents one more step towards the perfect lure. This high performance soft bait model skillfully combines the best features of the previous crated soft bait models. It posses the following characteristics: optimal softnes and elasticity, impregnation with the attractant, strength and durability of the rubber, as well as an excellent jerky and lifelike motions at various speeds. The tail part of the bait and the body part are separated by a thin partition thanks to which Slim Shad bait has an effective soft and high frequency motions but at the same time not to aggressive ones. Such a numeous characteristics ensure the effectiveness of using of the Slim Shad. In a most cases these specific features are very efficient for catching perch, zander or pike.

Intech Slim Shad has wide body and massive profile  but it doesn't affect Slim Shad's aero- and hydrodinamic features which are still very good. That is why this soft bait can be very efficent during the fishing on a far distance. Special groove of the Slim Shad's rear edge is perfect for mounting an offset hooks. The tail has a small size and it is attached to the bait over the large cross section. One the one hand, that gives additional strength, and on the other hand in ensure small amplitude with high frequency oscillations. Intech Slim Shad will attract all kinds of predators even those passive which are not interested in hunting at the time.


Slim Shad je klasični shad silikonac koji kombinira najbolje karakteristike postojećih varalica. Silikon od kojeg je napravljen optimalne je gustoće i elasticiteta, impregniran solju i dipom, snažan i izdržljiv uz odličnu akciju pri različiti brzinama vođenja. Tijelo i rep su malo razdvojeni tako da rep radi sitnom vibracijom visoke frekvencije. Zadebljano tijelo ima utore po sebi u koje je lakše montirati offset udice.