Intech Turborib 10 cm

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Intech Turborib is incrediby versatile and effective bait which combines the attributes of active and passive lures. Turborib has twisted tail and it is molded with ribbing all along the body. Turborib twisted shape tail makes loud noticeable vibrations. Due to its pleasing appetizing scent and appearence (the bait's body is impregnated with the special mix of salt and attractor witha mino acids) Turborib has the great potencial to entice predatorseven just while laying on the bottom. Due to its actions this lure excites perch which catch the prey after long pause. Although even pike and zander prefer distinguish way of fishing with various combinations of puls and pauses. Thanks to its simple usage Turborib will be appreciated and will meet expectations of begginers and experienced anglers. For better fixation of the hook there is compaction at the edge of the body. Soft stabilizing fins are used to generate vibro acustic waves under water and perfectly perform the protection function of the hook.

Intech Turborib is a great versatile bait combination of great quality and incredible efficiency.


Turborib je vrlo raznovrsan i efektan silikonac koji kombinira značajke pasivnih i aktivnih varalica. Tijelo mu je jako narebrano, a na kraju je mali twister, tako da kroz vodu prolazi uz podosta vibracije. Impregnirani su kombinacijom soli i atraktorom s aminokiselinama. Ova varalica 'opasna' je čak i kad samo leži na dnu! Inače produktivne su sve vrste akcija s kraćim i dužim pauzama.