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Intech Turborib - is an interesting and largely unique silicone bait, skillfully combining the properties of active and passive models. Turborib's body resembles a worm, the tail part is a twister. The wobble on the wire is created literally by each element of the bait. Easily the twist tail plays and the reefness of almost the whole surface of the bait adds the areaof the side surface, which allows to release the smell of the attractant as much as possible. But the main virtue of this twitter is: the elongated shape and, as a result, the outstanding flight characteristics.Our predators highly appreciated it on the first trial fishing.

The bait has a twist-like tail, executed as a Latin letter G. The tail game is confident and stable at any rate of wiring.

Turborib silicone bait is produced using "edible" silicone with the addition of attractors and salt. The amount of salt is moderate, which has a positive impact on strength and does not have a negative impact on natural buoyancy.

The presence of ring ribs and the use of high-quality silicone allowed to obtain soft and mobile bait. The bait plays with the whole body on the wire, rhythmically vibrating in the moves of the sickle-shaped tail.

For the convenience of equipping with an offset hook, the body of the bait has holes. Well-equipped Turborib Ideal weapon for catching snags, vegetation, 
and other debris, in which the fish so loves to stick.

Turborib silicone lure was enhanced by the addition of UV Fluorescent pigment.It increases the visibility of the predator in conditions of insufficient light and increases the irritating effect. The effect is especially noticeable when fishing at a depth of more than 4 m.