Mustad Aji Worm Chiki-Chiki 1,7'' (4,3 cm)

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15 pcs in pack / Crawl Tail

Ease of use and flexibility - this is the principle used to make small soft lures. The knots on the main body and the triangular ribs on the tail are common to all models. In addition, the common design of the body only emphasizes the changing resistance of different tail shapes, and the fishing strategy can be built systematically. Basically, the microworms from MUSTAD were designed to target appreciable sized horse mackerel, so there are no worms smaller than 2 inches, except for the evolving tails that generate very large waves and strong vibrations. However, when an extremely small lure is required, it can be removed from the knots so that the body size can be changed instantly to get the right lure. In fact, the number of sections improves the flexibility of the material and improves the suction rate. The shape of the tail was designed to match the difference in tidal flow. If you consider the tidal speed on the horizontal axis and the difference in weight of the jig head on the vertical axis, a matrix appears for the encounter of a large horse mackerel. I think it became a worm that systematically supported the fisherman's strategy and pursued ease of use. The efficiency of these lures, the quality of the material determined the extension of the area of ​​applicability for these lures.