Prime Lucikuci 7,5 cm

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Concept: After more than a year of testing Lucikuci model is available. This softbait dedicated for zander has a unique design with an oversized tail. It also has few fish abstract details such as scales, eyes, lateral and dorsal fins. Altough it seems fragile and we believed the zander will rip off our tail (it does that sometimes) most of the times it was completly inhaled. The body has a lightly rounded trapezoid shape in the section and the tip down. The hydrodynamic shape and center of gravity will always give you impeccable action.

IF you use an offset lead hook with it, the action is radically changed. THe softbait will sink maintaining a horizontal position and it will sink with a swing vibration.

Softbait Material
The material used is a soft floating material. This will give your bait once it lands on the bottom an almost vertical position.

Zander softbait colors
The color chart is designed for both shallow and deep waters. We recommend the light tones (white & pearl) in shallow water and the green glow in deep waters.

Softbait storing.
You can keep them mixed, there is no color transfer between them. However, please keep them out of sun light or stored in same boxes with some brands as ZMAN. This will melt both softbaits.

Taking into consideration, all baits are handmade piece by piece, there can be subtle differences betweem the baits.