Storm 360GT Biscay Shad 9 cm 19 gr

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2 pcs in pack

With its articulated body and head, the 360GT Coastal Biscay Shad swims with a significantly enhanced life-like action to that of most other baits.The super supple body is fixed to the head by a free-swinging screw and VMC® hook that rests perfectly hidden within the soft body’s weedless channel system. When attacked, the body collapses and the large hook gape is exposed for a clean hook up. This weighted head & body combination allows you to cast further in windy coastal conditions, and fish faster in rough water or when an aggressive presentation is needed. The deep shad design of the 360GT Coastal Biscay Shad rolls and flashes from side-to-side at all speeds, and the weedless design allows you to confidently fish this lure in the weedy or rocky areas where predatory fish often hunt. Every 360GT Coastal Biscay Shad is extremely visually detailed with each body perfectly color matched to its own jig head. Rigged with VMC®. Bodies and jig heads are also sold separately.

ModelBody LengthWeightHookPack
BSCS09 9 cm 19 g 3/0 2
BSCS12 12 cm 40 g 5/0 2
BSCS14 14 cm 60 g 5/0 2