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This is a dedicated sinker for creating your own original jig head using your favorite jig hook. It pursues a cross-sectional shape that is stable along the hook, and supports easy self-production with general tools such as pliers. With ingenuity, you can mass-produce highly original jig heads, such as worm keepers and coloring. It can be attached not only to jig hooks, but also to the crank part and shank of offset hooks. The more you do it, the more precise the weight adjustment becomes, and the more useful the custom item is for adjusting the posture of the rig.

  • A dedicated weight that allows you to create your own original jig head and adjust the weight of your rig.
  • A 90° cross-sectional shape that is easy to fit along the crank of a jig hook or offset hook.
  • Made of high-density, high-purity lead. It can be easily closed with pliers and is less likely to have gaps.
  • The weight is engraved on the side, making it easy to understand and manage the weight used.
  • A lineup of weights that can be used for a variety of fishing, from light sea games to bass fishing.


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