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This is a nail-type sinker that can be used by piercing it into a worm. Fine adjustments can be made to stabilize the swimming balance and change the fall speed. Perfect for Neko Rig using straight worms, as well as shad tails and swim baits! Adopts an angular design that reduces slipping out when casting.

  • A nail-type sinker that can be embedded into a worm to increase its weight.
  • Adopts a square pyramid shape that is easy to pierce and difficult to remove.
  • By cutting along the jagged edges with pliers, you can fine-tune the weight in increments of about 0.2 to 0.3 g.
  • Made of high-purity lead with a high specific gravity. Easy to cut with pliers and can be bent by hand. Suitable for a variety of situations.
0.4g 12
0.6g 10
0.9g 9
1.2g 8
1.5g 7
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