Intech Tungsten 74 Flex Head Steel Grey

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Tungsten 74 Flex Head is the Intech brand sinker which has a very convenient spherical shape and is available in a wide range weight from 0,7 to 30 grams. The loops of the sinker are enlarged and made of high quality stainless wire. Enlarged loops of the sinker are very convenient for rigging a hook of any size. Sinkers Intech Tungsten 74 is available in 2 colors: Steel Grey and Gold.

When developing Intech tungsten weights, the task was simple: to make the best of the existing collapsible "eared". Despite the great similarity of sinkers from different manufacturers, they have a lot of differences in the shape, coating, rigidity and configuration of wire reinforcement, and of course the density of tungsten itself. In the Intech load, all this is optimized taking into account many years of experience in the operation of tungsten, hundreds of fishing trips, dozens of sports spinning tournaments.

The shape of the load is a perfect ball. Only such tungsten has the best aerodynamics, it flies farther and more precisely than a load of the same mass, but flattened on the sides.

Equipped with high quality tungsten stainless wire, the shape of the groove in the sinker body is perfectly worked out. It is easy to fasten the eyelet of the hook into the bracket; it enters the ball without additional compression, easily and clearly.

Intech tungsten weights were one of the first to offer the world the widest range of weight sizes: from microscopic heads with a mass of 0.7, 1, 1.2 grams - the most popular and demanded in total microjig and to mass weights of 26, 28 and even 30 grams, which allow setting new range records when casting.

The shape of the weight is the perfect ball. Only such tungsten has the best aerodynamics, it flies farther and more precisely the load of the same mass, but sprayed on the sides. Tungsten high-quality stainless wire is equipped, the shape of the pelvis in the body was loaded perfectly. Fasten the ear of the hook into the bracket easily, it enters the ball without additional compression, easily and clearly.


Tungsten 74 Flex Head su flexi jig glave napravljene od tungstena i obojane su sivom bojom. Okruglog su oblika i dostupne u veličinama od 0,7 do 30 grama. Za izradu je korištena kvalitetna nehrđajuća žica proširenih lukova za lakše montiranje udica svih dimenzija i oblika. Tungsten je gušći pa je samim time i teži od olova u istom volumenu tako da su tungsten jig glave oko 40% manje od olovnih u istim gramažama.


Weight / gr Pack / pcs
0,7 / 1 / 1,2 5
1,5 4
1,7 / 2 3
2,5 / 3 / 3,5 / 4 / 5 2
6 / 7 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 / 30 1