Major Craft Finetail Area

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Major Craft New Finetail AREA Series
Five years since the appearance · · · Fine tail further improved the perfection, full model change. Due to the multipoint arrangement of the lighter ultimate guide “SiC-S Guide”, the sensitivity has dramatically improved. We dramatically reduced line trouble and bent up following the tug of the fish firmly to eliminate improvement of fishing taste and balancing. Ultra-sensitive blanks using high carbon were subjected to a bias design of a new method and further adopted a cross force manufacturing method, so as to suppress twist and give straightness.If you open the door, you should be able to feel its evolution and potential.

SiC-S Guide
K series guide setting with lightweight new SIC [S-SIC] ring. It is a guide of high performance ring and light and reliable frame.

Cross force
Sharp high elastic carbon is used as the main material, and cross force is mounted on the butt section to improve operability and controllability.

A sharp butt end with a strong butt part and a delicate tip part enables extremely sharp rod work. It is also good at long throws, and in combination with lines with low  PE, short bytes can be handled in a different dimension from previous entry models. A model that combines the ability to “catch and catch” a bite of a far-reached fish and “hang and catch” with a plug of a highly compatible operation system.

Brush up the 602L more. Of course it is the most powerful in the series, but it exerts its power especially in the medium to large areas where it can be thrown away.Because it is a long model, you can earn a good distance. In particular, the model has excellent compatibility with the metal vibrator and small crank from which the PE line is assembled, to the mid deep crank, and from 1g to 2.5g of the spoon where the minnowing and the ester line are assembled.