Trabucco Zaratan Live Acid Plus

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After the enormous success of the Zaratan series for tuna drifting, we worked on the development of a series specifically aimed at fishing with guardian lead and live bait: mackerel, sardine, squid, cuttlefish. This is how the new Zaratan Live was born, an innovative project realized thanks to the close collaboration between Trabucco's engineers and the Sea Field testers. The result obtained is a series able to eliminate all those structural deficits typical of traditional rods for live fishing. The innovative E-glass fiber gives the instrument a total resistance, while the one-piece structure ensures excellent performance. The small pounds (4/12 and 10/20 lbs) refer to the degree of bending but not to the actual power released, which reaches unimaginable levels. The Zaratan Live Acid Plus are really indestructible: you can force the fish in total safety, while holding a fun and sensitive rod like a 4/12 pound! Unparalleled performance combined with pure sports performance. The Spyral Guide System allows a medium progressive bending that will pleasantly surprise even the most experienced and technical trolling angler. With a 12 lb you'll have 100% fun with a 3 kg snapper but, at the same time, you'll be able to win a 70 kg tuna!