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Jig head Intech Tournament DJ-Head 31- is made on Japanese hook Vanfook. Differs in persistent and super-pointed sharpening. With the same dimensions, the hook is thinner than analogues, but due to the use of calibrated high-carbon steel, it has high elasticity and reliability, it confidently withstands critical loads. To improve the penetration properties of the hook and protect it from corrosion, a PTFE anti-corrosion coating is used. To improve bite performance, the DJ-Head 31 jig head has an increased leg height and is perfect for equipping massive silicone baits. Another important element of any jig head is the system for fixing the bait on it. The Intech Tournament DJ-Head 31 uses a tapered thin skirt. It reliably fixes the bait, while not damaging the head part, even in delicate edible baits with a loose consistency. The Intech Tournament DJ-Head 31 jig head is the right choice for the best implementation of all bites and confident fight with strong fish.

The exceptional sharpness and sharpening durability provides a special treatment of the sting by forging method - Forged Barb. Traditionally, top hooks have an anti-corrosion coating PTFE, it reliably protects the hook from rust even in an aggressive salty environment, and also improves penetrating properties, facilitating the penetration of the predator's boney mouth.

An important element of any jig-head is the bait-fixing system on it. Intech Tournament DJ-Head 31 uses a cone-shaped thin skirt. It securely fixes the bait, while not damaging the head part, even in delicate edible lures with loose consistency.

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