Intech Micron PE X4 100 m

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Proizvođač / Brand: Intech

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Cijena / Price: 70.00  66.50

PE mm lb kg
0.2 0,074 5,5 2,5
0.3 0,090 8 3,6
0.4 0,104 10 4,5


The INTECH MICRON PE X4 braided line has been carefully selected for the Intech brand range from many options. The main selection criteria were quality at the level of Japanese cords and price, as at Chinese. It is safe to say that this task was performed brilliantly: after abrasion testing, compliance with the stated diameter and strength, Micron showed the highest results in all parameters. This braid is one of the most advantageous offers on the market in terms of price-quality. The cord has an unwinding of 100 meters that allows to save money and to take the given goods for sampling for selection under catching by the scales. It is made in pink high vidible color!