Trabucco XPS Surf SA 300 m

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SA = Soft + Abrasion

It belongs to the class of “fluoro coated” lines, as it is super protected by a surface layer of Fluorocarbon which makes it resistant to abrasion, while it also makes it slightly heavier than a normal nylon and reduces its elongation under stress. The three-layer structure includes an intermediate level that can be modulated to obtain a particular softness, and this is what we did for Surf SA, making it an ideal line for surf casting. The 30-meter segmented colouring offers the chance to position the baits at the desired distances, after a good feeding area has been identified through the first catches. A nice advantage, especially in night fishing, when natural references are missing.

0.165mm – 4.350kg
0.203mm – 5.420kg
0.221mm – 6.950kg
0.251mm – 8.350kg

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