Varivas Ocean Record Shock Leader 50 m

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Ocean Record Shock Leader is new Nylon material developed specifically for blue water pelagic lure fishing. With a unique Fluoride-based coating (called SP-F), for greatly improved abrasion resistance and ‘manageability’, and marked increase in diameter-breaking strain ratio. This means for example line diameter 0.910mm (Japanese #30) in Varivas's standard nylon shock leader is rated at 100LBS breaking strain, but in the new Ocean Record the same diameter 0.910mm is rated at 120LBS. 

Similarly, all sizes in Ocean Record are “1 rank higher” rated in breaking strain compared to the same diameter in standard nylon material.
A unique, pale purple colour shade has been added to the leader, to enhance the appearance but it is still invisible in the water.
Each spool includes a unique velcro-closing  spool band, complete with a hard plastic grommet, for free & controlled line supply. 
These spool bands include a Varivas sewn-in label, colour-coded to easily identify the line size even when the spool is placed vertically.

It includes:

- Available in wide range of weight (LB) selection.
- Virtually invisible misty-purple color in deep water.
- Come with specially VARIVAS original spool band.
- Best cost performance with VARIVAS 'Premium Quality'.

Color:Misty Purple
18 70  
20 80 0,74
22 90 0,78
24 100 0,81
30 120 0,91
35 140 0,985
40 150 1,05
50 180 1,17
60 220 1,28
70 250 1,39

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