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12,5 cm / 43 gr / sinking

The Press Bait Heavy Duty Series possesses a ‘level fall’ (sinking horizontally) and a natural swimming response. It also has the strength to withstand the brunt of repeated attacks by large migratory fish species. The body strength is due to the semi-solid, internal wire structure, which we managed to combine with a positive action response – indeed a difficult-to-realize combination.

The 125mm is most productive for Tuna feeding on small sardines. It is equipped with sufficient weight for use with heavy tackle as well.

The weight is fixed in the lower section of the body, leaving no extra space. This has resulted in a very strong, heavyweight lure.

The internal wire gives the lure the necessary strength to withstand repeated attacks by large predatory fish.

We have installed an auxiliary hook-eye for anglers who might want to use an extra hook. It is concealed and doesn’t get in the way when not in use.