Adusta Jerk Spiker 130

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13 cm - 19 gr - suspend - 0,0-1,5 m - jerk/twitch

Jerkbaits specially designed for battling monster fish from across the globe.
ADUSTA has created a jerkbait specifically for targeting monster fish living in various unexplored waters around the world. “Jerk Spiker” – a jerkbait for monster fish. This product is designed based on the features a medium sized baitfish, but with its body enlarged. It makes a very strong wave motion like a natural bait fish with big flash. With just a simple retrieve, this bait has major appeal to a predator fish. When jerked or even slightly twitched, the flat body makes a strong wave motion with a wide swinging dart action just like a real baitfish. The realistic combination of sliding and darting stimulates the instincts of predator fish and forces them to bite. This bait produces different actions depending on the rate of return. When worked slowly, it imitates a vulnerable baitfish, making for an easy meal. When retrieved quickly, it takes on a skittish wiggling action. With a perfectly balanced structure, it flies stably and provides unmatchable casting distance.In no wind, a tailwind, or even into the wind – this bait makes long casts simple and allows anglers to be more efficient in covering water.The bait has 2 hooks, which reduces the amount of injury caused to the fish.A jerkbait meticulously crafted by ADUSTA and tested by staff all over the world. This is the “Jerkspiker.”

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