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11 cm / 14 gr / sinking

DUO had one basic target in mind when they conceptualized the Tide Minnow Lance: the long distance performance and glossy bait fish action.
The Tide Minnow Lance effectively imitates baitfish action, with superior casting distance. It has been designed to slice through the headwinds.

DUO developed a completely new, body lure, designed to fly like a spear even in a headwind and maintain a stable the flight posture. The DUO Tide Minnow Lance “activates” the stress-free casting. To that end result 4 tungsten weights (1 stable and 3 moving weights) have been incorporated into the body, that is not considered to be slim, as pe DUO standards, which assist the lure to maintain its balance. The 3 moving weights are Tungsten, while the stable weight is Stainless steel.

Despite the sinking setting, it is highly responsive to jerks and twitches. Its swimming action is a wobbling and roll action, that is consistent with the action of bait fish.