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11 cm / 14 gr / sinking

The Gonta Minnow's distinctive lip shape ensures hydrodynamic stability and a steady swimming movement in the water, making it ideal for long-distance casting and covering a large area. During a straight retrieve, the Gonta Minnow has a solid, high-pitch rolling movement, while a snap-pause retrieve has an unpredictable, darting action. This makes it ideal for usage along broad coastlines with breaking waves and outlying rocks that serve as a natural habitat for game fish. Once fish come in for the bite, Mustad’s Jaw Lok Inline Trebles lock them in with a hook-set you can count on.

  • Hydrodynamic design
  • Long-distance casting
  • Stable and erratic or wobble and roll action
  • Features Mustad's Jaw Lok Inline Trebles