Hayabusa Jack Eye Kick Bottom HD 100 gr

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100 gr / 7,0 cm / Blade size 2

Hayabusa Jack Eye Kick Bottom HD are vertical rubber jigging lures with quick response time.

The main addition to this version of Inchiku jigs, is the metallic, reflective butterfly that flutters during descent and reflects all available light, attracting prey from a distance.

They are suitable for any kind of water conditions. The straight edge running from the head to the center tail and the winding edge on the other side of the body, creates two different water streams that make up a lively swimming move and irregular falling action.

During descent the Hayabusa Kick Bottom Inchiku jig, spins and moves in a helliptic pattern, that resemble a small fish evading the attack of a cephalopod. In the eyes of big predators, this seems like a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, with minimal effort.

They are rigged with reinforced Tin Coat EB133N1 2/0 hooks.