Bait Breath Tap Tail 2,7' (7 cm)

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10 pcs in pack

Being designed specifically for dropshotting and vertical jigging the TapTail does exactly that, tap. When the lure is dropped the beaver tail lifts and when you stop “Tap” that tail slaps back vibrating and attracting fish. This really is the TapTails secret weapon and should prove deadly when fishing in coloured water!
  • Designed for dropshotting
  • Slapping tail for vibration
  • BYS mix flavouring.

For an added bonus the lures are also impregnated with Bait Breaths famous BYS mix scent. The combination of noise, vibration and scent makes this an awesome lure for both fresh and saltwater…

Length 2.7" - 68.5mm
Weight 5g
Qty: 10 per pack
Buoyancy: Sinking
Added Salt Yes
Flavouring: BYS mix Craw formula
Rec hook: #4-#2
Made in: Japan