Bait Breath U30 Vein 5,5' (14 cm)

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8 pcs in pack

Every one should have a packet of these in their bag. The U30 Vein is exactly like a real earth worm from the shape of the head and tail right down the bulge Vein on its body. The U30 is made from a soft but elastic material added salt to enhance the texture and is flavoured with Bait Breath own BYS Mix formula which is a oil extracted from fish, insects, shrimp and cray fish. Bait Breath have developed a worm that can be used with weedless, wacky rigged, jig head, dropshot and even wacky jig head rigged, The U30 Vein is the only soft-bait that truly has 101 uses whether you’re worming for salmon or fishing for bass or wrasse this is one you shouldn’t be without...
Length 5.5" (140mm)
Weight 4 grams
Qty 8 per pack
Rec Hook #1 Wacky, 1~1/0 Worm Hook
Jig Head #2 ~ 4