Savage Gear 3D Needlefish Pulsetail 14 cm 12 gr

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Based on a 3D scan of a real needlefish, we have created the perfect needlefish imitation! The lure not only looks like a needlefish, it acts like one! We equipped the lure with our Unique pulse tail that gives a very discreet vibration and tail action exactly like a real needlefish! Heavy duty forged carbon steel hooks in Perma Steel finish. Depending the size and jig head, the can be used for shore and boat spinning, vertical fishing or trolling! The lure will swim on retrieve and on the drop and at both high and low speed. The PVC body is quite durable, and each lure is supplied with a spare tail.

• 3D Scanned details
• Ultra-life like Pulse tail action
• Carbon steel Forged J-hook in Perma steel finish
• Body Pinch holder
• Belly ring for addon treble or stinger hook
• Spare tail supplied