Rapture Chibi Pop

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3,7 cm - 2,5 gr

These fantastic micro-poppers rightfully belong to the Chibi Lure’s range, not only for their tiny size but also for the excellent overall quality and for the fishing opportunities that they can offer, in fresh but also in salt waters. Beyond the very actual colors, with many different matt solutions and a Glow that can take in the light, the lure comes with a white feather skirt, enriched by crystal strands to increase the level of visual attraction. Such addition also performs a ballistic function, because, once wet, it gains weight and counters the relative lightness of the whole thing. The Chibi Pop must be made alive by rhythmically working your rod and reel, so that it will spit water to awake the sleepy predators like Trout, Chub, Perch and Black Bass, especially in summer. In the lakes it will draw the attention of winter Trout, when attending surface layers in search of warmer water. Chibi Pop is also worth a try at sea side, for a pleasant fishing with light action rods.