Bait Breath Bugsy Perfect SW 5' (12,8 cm)

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The Bugsy Perfect is a wriggler type plastic with legs along the body of the lure that produce erratic vibrations. Again another quality plastic by bait breath, these work best rigged on a light jig head or Texas rig.

The Bugsy Perfect 5" has a perfectly designed swimming tail so that when you give slack line the lure will "swim" its way to the bottom, this swimming action also aids to slow down the drop of you lure, so it stays in the strike zone for longer. Wrasse and Seabass and fresh water predators just can't resist them.

Length 5" (128 mm)
Weight 7 grams
Qty 6 per pack
Rec Hook 3/0 Worm Hook
Jig Head 3/0 Jig Head