Bait Breath Energe Stick SW 5' (12,7 cm)

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8 pcs in pack
The Energe Stick is unique amongst all other Senko sticks with its special twin coloured dual layered ribbed body, its soft and flexible and yet firm, tough and elastic.

Bait Breath have managed to produce a fantastic lure by using two different materials. The top layer is made from a high quality medium/soft material containing a high salt content which is flavoured with the famous BYS-Mix flavour. The BYS-Mix is an oil extract made from fish, insect and shrimp. The bottom layer is made from a medium/soft plastic with no added salt. The two different materials give the Energe Stick a truly unique action. The Energe Stick can be fished weightless using a worm hook whilst being allowed to slowly drift in the current with the odd twitch and jerk and a slow retrieve. It can be also be fished Texas, Carolina style or with a jig head. Where it really comes into its own is to rig it wacky style with a hook or jig head through the middle of the Stick, where the two materials work together to produce small vibrations which prove deadly for all predatory fish.

Not only are they deadly for Seabass, Pollack and Wrasse, but they are also just as good for freshwater predators.

Length 5" (127mm)
Weight 6 grams
Qty 8 per pack
Rec Hook 1/0 Offset Worm hook
Rec Hook #1 Wacky Hook