Intech Tournament Spear SMV-32SB

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The Japanese single hook Intech Tournament Spear SMV-32SB1 is specially designed for our predators and has an enlarged eye for better mobility. The hook is made of high-strength calibrated steel on modern equipment. Hook cover PTFE - reliably protects against corrosion and also improves penetration properties, the shape has been selected in such a way as to improve the detection and retention of the trophy. The forged point of the hook increases the reliability and durability of sharpening. Made in Japan - made at the Vanfook factory. Hook sizes are best suited for ultralight and light fishing: hook #2 is the best choice for 2.5"-2.8" lures, its length is 29 mm, #4 is 25 mm long and will be the best choice for 2"- 2.5" lures, The #6 hook is 21 mm long and works best with 1.5"-2" lures.